Make A Statement!

Is it yoga? Perhaps a fashion statement? Or... just plain old being lazy!?! 

From time to time, I've been guilty of this too. Sure, it's easy to throw on the black stretchy pants, t-shirt and jacket. But it's time to kick your fashion up a few notches!

Summer is over and it's hot cider time. Sorry ladies, fashion comes with the new season too. Just because you're not wearing that cute bikini cover up with your hair in a bun and that gold lariat necklace doesn't mean that you can't accessorize over your clothing layers in the Fall.

I don't care for this season either... but we all deserve to look cute and not like we just rolled out of bed. 

Fashion nowadays calls for ripped shirts, torn jeans and great looking military jackets. Throw on some hoop earrings and layer up your necklaces. Mix your metals and stack your bracelets. Do you really think all your Lululemon outfits need to match with your headbands? Make yourself look glamorous and shine every single day.  Geez, if you must dress like you go to the gym (but really don't go) at least sparkle a little bit!

Throw on some lipgloss, wear a purse and dress to impress! 


Pawn Chick