Happy Halloween! I'm NOT a Witch!

Back years ago, you have called me a witch, or a name that started with a "B!" Now, I can shake off the names and trick or treat as "ME!" I feel festive in so many ways this Halloween season with jewelry and accessories. 

My favorite choices for the weeks surrounding Halloween are graphic tees, scarves and jackets with skulls.  A fun black and white skull tee with a colorful and whimsical skull scarf with a great pair of jeans and boots makes a comfortable and festive outfit. I usually choose to wear big metal jewelry in this season too. It all looks great with my wardrobe and adds some sparkle to my warm fall attire!

My all-time, go-to jewelry pieces for these Halloween weeks include skulls, feathers, evil eyes and lots of dark metals. These two lariat necklaces are perfect year round pieces to highlight the celebration of Halloween. Not only do they have great pendants, they hang long enough that they can be seen under a scarf on these chilly fall days!

It's also a great time for dark metals and lots of layers! It's not just something you can apply to clothing, bring it into your jewelry style too. These three necklaces are some that I wear together often! A barb wire choker, dagger pendant and long seasonally colored beaded necklace look great together and make a statement on simple fall clothing! 


Never be afraid to layer, mix those metals or be daring to wear colorful clothing. 

Enjoy your Halloween, fill up your pillowcase up to the max and eat loads of Heath for me! 


Pawn Chick