#TeamTrevor - Give Back With Ashley!

Trevor is an amazing kid with an amazing family! They are the kind of people that pour love into the world and into each other. When Trevor got sick in February of 2015, what was thought to be a flu was diagnosed as unexpected heart failure. At 15, Trevor's world was turned upside-down. After being in and out of the hospital for nearly a year, it was decided that Trevor would require a heart transplant. 


Just before Thanksgiving of 2015, Trevor received his new heart! His awesome and heart-felt reaction when he woke up from his surgery was caught on video and went viral quickly! What an amazing gift for Trevor and his fantastic family!

Nearly six months after his surgery and observed success, he took a turn with new symptoms. Neurological symptoms that bound him to a wheel chair with many hours of therapy necessary. He is now able to get around with a walker for limited periods of time. 

During all of this, Trevor's father has had to stop working in order to stay in Ann Arbor with Trevor at the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital. This has put major financial strain on their family of six. Trevor's mother spends the week at home with the three younger siblings and travels to Ann Arbor on the weekends so the whole family can be together. 

When I heard about Trevor and his awesome family, I knew I had to do something! His parents have sacrificed so much to support each other and their children during this difficult time of separation and concern for Trevor's health. I came up with the idea for a #TeamTrevor bracelet to raise money for the family.

I wanted the bracelet to be personal and meaningful to the family! The black beads stand for Trevor's strength, the blue bead stands for Trevor's love of University of Michigan, and the T is his initial. A portion of each bracelet sold goes back to Trevor's family. My hope is to provide a financial break and an easy holiday season for this fantastic family. 

I'm so encouraged by the outpouring of love for this family so far! I'm getting these bracelets ready for every order, let's all work together to help this deserving family this holiday season! 

Let's continue to support this family financially, raise awareness of the power of organ donation, and stand together for #TeamTrevor!