Would you go anywhere naked?


So, why would you go anywhere without wearing jewelry? It's like walking around naked! Throw something on people, even if it's a string bracelet. Think of it as a string bikini! It's so simple. It's your accessory. Strut your stuff. Feel good. It's empowering. It's your body. It's you. Seriously! You represent it. 

You get dressed each day and put on your underwear, socks, jeans, tops and shoes. It's blah and boring. Why? Because you're leaving out the most important part of the outfit. Jewelry is your statement. It's your emotion of the day. 

This season, it's time to give yourself (and your outfit) a boost of confidence. Don't be boring and add that bling. Show off your embellishments. Be girly or masculine because otherwise, you are naked! 

Pawn Chick