It’s Time for Fall Jewelry!

What a summer! The Detroit weather could not have been any better. Temps were soaring and the sun was shining throughout the summer months. I cannot believe my kids are heading back to school today, and that only means one thing: summer is over for moms! Yes, time to set back into reality. Let's all transition slowly. 


As the temperatures steadily drop, I will put my white pants towards the back of my closet and bring forward the fall and winter clothes. Just as each season has its wardrobe, each season also has its jewelry. Let me help you transition to your fall jewelry selections right here! And moms, this does not mean that just because tank tops get put in drawers that you still cannot accessorize. I'm here to help you all along the way!

Here are four key items that are a MUST HAVE for fall.  Click on each picture to learn more and order one of your very own today!