Spring Trends

I can feel it in my bones that spring is near, but the cold weather outside is telling me otherwise. 

Bring on SPRING! I'm sick and tired of hiding underneath the many layers that winter requires. All jewelry fans love to shine and show the world what we are born to do...sparkle. I call it "my season." Really anytime without a jacket is "MY SEASON!" Sure, if you want to be boring then go ahead, stay inside, and dress like a slob -- but why? 

If you're shy, then this spring's jewelry trends are not meant for you. This season it's all about embellished earrings, choker necklaces and SHINE. Did I forget to mention the color pink?  Pink is huge this year!

Melt the snow, stop the rain, and start warming the air because pawnchickshopping.com is about to SPRING into some major action!


Ashley Gold