Pawn Chick

I get asked many times a day on social media, face-to-face and even on the phone, "Is this really you?" I repeatedly say, "Yes, it's Ashley from Hardcore Pawn.” I often wonder if I should even respond like that. Should I say, “Yes, it's Ashley Gold,” or “Yes, it's Ashley from Pawn Chick Shopping.” Or, should the name Pawn Chick Shopping itself be changed?

I'll straight up tell you like it is. I'm Ashley from the show, but I'm not on the show anymore. The show exists all over the world as reruns and delayed seasons but we don't tape anymore. I left the show at the end of season 9, remember? I decided to start my own business and change things in my life. I couldn't ever imagine that after almost two years that I would be so happy and thriving. Here's the thing though, Pawn Chick Shopping might be me, but the Pawn isn't there anymore.

See, pawn will always be part of who I am but it's not part of my business model these days. Too often clients ask if my jewelry is "used" or "resold" and the answer is NO! I was brought up in the pawn world and learned how to negotiate and make deals out of nothing -- and I am really good at it. But pawn just isn't my title anymore. You all know me from who I am and who I once was. No, that doesn't necessarily mean that you'll always remember me for the bitch role that I played on TV but I hope that you learned a few things from me. If nothing else, you learned how to stand up for yourself and not take any crap.

It might be time to let loose of the PAWN and live life as ME! Stay tuned.. will NEVER leave, but part of the name may...


Ashley Gold