What's in my bag!

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What’s in my bag?
Love these Keychains by Fallon and Royce, makes it easy to find your keys when digging in your bag!  It is all about the color this fall. Color POP!
I always carry and extra pair, you never know the weather living in Michigan. You can leave the house and it’s cold and raining, an hour later it’s 90 and sunny! Love my sunnies!
Gum is a must and Trident is my favorite!
Chap stick
I always make sure to have Chap Stick in my purse, especially with winter coming. One of my favorites is Nivea olive oil and lemon. Throw it under your lip gloss too for that extra moisture.
Protein Bar
I am always running around so I make sure to have a Pure Protein bar on me incase I don’t have time to grab food! 21 grams of protein is a sure way to fill me up with my water.
Since I am always on the go, my phone is my keeper of it all! I can’t be with out it. It helps keep track of where I need to be next, especially with my kids busy schedules. It also allows me to I work wherever I am; I do 99% of my work right from my cell phone!
My hands are always dry so I always make sure to have Bliss Body Butter in my bag, especially with the winter months coming.  The smell and thickness of the cream are my go to on the long days of fall.
The Fallon and Royce makeup bag is perfect to stuff all my goodies. It’s lined and easy to clean and fits all my necessities in my purse.


Ashley Gold