I’m scrambling to find that perfect outfit for a party that I’m invited to and the perfect costumes for my kids. Clowns are totally OUT and Wonder Woman is totally IN! I’m almost 40 and I have to dress up. Why can’t I just go as a mom or a wife? The whole thing is such a process. You don’t want to go overboard, yet you don’t want to be underdressed while everyone is taking it to the next level. 

Kids nowadays have parties at school and then have another outfit for the night of Halloween. Whatever happened to the simplicity and fun of the good ol’ days of Halloween? Taking a pillowcase and filling it to the top and throwing it over your shoulder and not being able to carry it home because it’s too heavy. Now, there are allergies, unwrapped candies, and germs all over everything.

I know, I make this crap pretty appetizing. But it’s the truth. It’s a whole production in 2017.

So, after all my complaining about Halloween, go to your favorite Halloween store, buy some fun costumes and call it a day. Because it’s all about having the best laughs and shoving your face with chocolate. You’ll find me in the street this year as an ANGEL! And by the way… the best kids costumes this year are Batman and Batgirl. 

Happy Almost Halloween,


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