Light a fire under your ass!

Do you light the fire under your own ass? I don't mean literally stick a match under your butt but do you actually work hard? I am a workaholic and have been most of my life. You have to love what you're doing for it not to be called "work" or a "J. O. B."

I don’t come across many "go getters” who actually want it. You have to be aggressive to "want it" and to get it. You need the drive, stamina and motivation that I push in my daily life and teach to my kids. It's kind of like school: How badly do you want that "A" in a class? It just doesn't get handed to you. You need to study and work hard. If you don't even try, then you're kinda $hi& out of luck.

That is how I look at life. As an entrepreneur, you work your ass off, and with your drive and determination it eventually pays off. But if you sit there day in and day out and thinking someone is going to hand you a silver spoon, you're sadly mistaken.

It's time that people light a match under their ass and get to work. Stop complaining and do something about it!


Ashley Gold