Must Have Fall Jewelry 2017

The bathing suits are put away until your next vacation, the tank tops are used for layering under your sweaters, and t-shirts can be worn only on the warmer fall days. Invest in some fabulous jewelry, rock the gold earrings and step out showing off your chunky gold and mixed metal bracelets. 

The Gold Earrings

Just because you’re wearing a silver or white gold necklace or ring, does NOT mean that you cannot dazzle with some hardcore GOLD statement earrings for a dressy night or casual day. I’m all about the hoops. I wear them all the time. With my short dark hair, they stand out. I’m loving the gold hoops with CZ’s right now because you can get the bling along with the amazing prices. Hoops come in various sizes too, whichever size fits you best, go for it!

The Chunky Mixed Metal Bracelet

Wear one, two or even three! I just LOVE how they look w a 3/4 shirt, or t-shirt. has them at every price point for this season. Add a charm to the clasp to change the style. The chunky link bracelet is amazing and goes with the statement hoop and a simple necklace. You don’t need to spend a lot to make a statement!


Now, I’ve always preached about not spending tons of money on your jewelry because I ALWAYS find the best deals. I DO feel that you should invest in YOU and buy yourself something special around the holidays. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And diamonds always hold value. Once and awhile it’s okay to splurge a little and make a jewelry investment. It’s something that you’ll always have! Remember... it’s not always about the quantity you have, it’s about the piece you have.