Oscars 2017

Best movie, best actor, best actress, best screenplay, best wrong envelope... I didn't know where to look next!

The Academy Awards is my favorite night of the year. The dieting starts months in advance and the shopping for this night is it's own massive undertaking. I'm talking Oscars baby! Zero talking in my house because I'm focused. This is my Super Bowl Sunday.  

Let me tell you: I was NOT disappointed this year. The stars shined and outdid themselves yet again. The nominees and winners did what I always suggest -- to step outside of your comfort zone and flaunt some awesome color. It's green and blue that are the hottest right now. Sapphires and emeralds were the statements of the Oscars, just as we expected. 

And as always, the stunning diamonds soared. Nobody was bashful wearing diamonds nor should they be. Elegant dresses with their just-as-elegant jewelry is precisely as it should be. Arm cuffs were a total must this year and drop earrings were everywhere!

What a wonderful night for Oscar!


Ashley Gold