Being a MOM on Mother's Day

The best gifts in life are my kids.  One can never really imagine how quickly love happens at birth. It's kind of crazy. My world instantly changed 12 years ago when I became a mom. Every year when Mother's Day rolls around we all celebrate the moms, but... why aren't we celebrating the kids?  It's because of them that we are moms. Yes, they may shake our worlds at times but I cannot imagine a second without these two. My husband and my two munchkins are my rocks. They brighten my day and have changed my life. They keep me on my toes and help push me towards my goals. On this Mother's Day I hope that everyone took a moment to hug your kids. Remember, it's not about the moms; it's about the kids who made you a MOM. 

Hope you all had a great one! I did! 


Ashley Gold