Your Health is Everything

You know what they say, “If you don't have your health you don't have anything.” Well, that's the damn truth. When you feel sick and helpless and you're a mom it's pretty much the worst feeling ever. Thinking I had the stomach flu at first that lasted a couple weeks and turned into six is not fun. When you feel like your body was beat up from head to toe and you couldn't move was probably the worst feeling ever. In and out of the hospital, numerous doctor appointments, scans and even a colonoscopy. Yes, I went through it all. I felt like death hit me and that’s no exaggeration. I couldn't even drink water without feeling ill. The day is finally here when I am gaining energy back and eating again because I suffered from a COLITIS attack. Never had it in 39 years and to be told that I now have this terrible thing called colitis. Well, thank goodness for medication to help me and so many others that suffer from the pain of this chronic colon disorder.

Now you probably were hoping for a style blog or the latest trends report for spring but this was pretty important because if you don't have your HEALTH then you can't do much else with your life. 

I wish everyone a wonderful and healthy Tuesday!