We all get up in the morning motivated to do something. A job, school, family, volunteering or recovering from an illness. It's the drive that keeps you going in life.

My "GO" in life are my family and my work. In my family, we are one another’s rocks. We are the force that drives us throughout our days and the energy that pulls us through anything that comes our way. Without it, there is nothing.

Work is my tick. It keeps my brain moving at a pace only I can understand, where only I can accomplish the excellence set forth in my mind. The only one that will get there is ME! Goals are my what keeps all my ticks moving forward and without my goals there is no desire for ever wanting more. Oh, and that will never happen because this girl always excels for the top and never stops until she gets there.

I thank God each day for my "GO's" in life because everyone has something that makes them tick! You just have to find what makes you go and then get there!


Ashley Gold