Anything But Black!

I used to be the girl who wore only black. Look back at my pictures and you'll see. Outfit after outfit were black clothes. It was like, which black tank top could I match with a pair of black shoes and a black sweater. Many women and girls are like that and it's not just ME! I promise! You need to get out of your shell and follow the trends. Once you crack the shell you'll feel better and better about yourself.

Just this past weekend I threw on a whole denim ensemble. Denim is so versatile. I goes with literally everything. I had the off the shoulder dress with the cutest Steve Madden denim and nude wedge shoes. Yes, I wore wedge shoes and didn't even need to wear my daily flip flops because they were beyond comfortable. Cute too! The best part is that denim goes with everything! Every color pants!

Of course we are going to talk about the bracelets that I threw on. The Caliber Collection bracelet from my city, Detroit. I wore it in gold. I mix and match my metals daily. Some people can't do it, but I say, "go for it!"  I paired it up with a couple sterling silver ball bracelets that can be worn daily and transition into any night look.

Go big or go home. Hoops are always what I wear at night. Gold or sterling silver. It doesn't matter. Remember I told you all to mix your metals? Well, just throw on a pair! You're set!

With this denim look, I went for cz's by the yard. I wore one but you can multi layer -- 1, 2 or 3 -- It doesn't matter. It all depends on your mood.


Biggest trend this season. Show off your feet this summer and put on a diamond, cz or dangle anklet.

To finish off your look, add color to your outfit with a clutch or a cross-body bag. Make it simple!

Have fun with your outfits this summer and don't wear black!