Jewelry Cleaning Tips!

Take it from me, I always wear my jewelry when I clean, play outside with my kids and cook. So of course, my jewelry is dirty sometimes. Many people don't have a steamer or an ultrasonic at home and I'm asked many times about quick tips for cleaning rings and earrings. Truthfully, buy extra toothbrushes! Why? They always get out the hard to reach places in the prongs, under the bands in rings and the impossible places in chains. Yes, you heard it from me, buy stock in toothbrushes. Next, buy toothpaste. When you're done brushing your teeth, have another set of toothbrushes just for your jewelry. Put a dab of toothpaste on the toothbrush and gently brush your jewelry under warm water and pat dry.

The other trick I have is Alka Seltzer tablets. Drop one tablet in a glass with your diamond, then take it out and you'll be shining for days! My grandfather used to always tell me that Alka Seltzer cures everything but he totally forgot to mention that it cleans the jewelry I wear too!  If you have a beautiful set of pearls, please do not use anything other than a toothbrush and warm water. If you're wondering if your pearls are real, just run them on your front tooth and if they slide right off then they are actually NOT real, but if they feel sandy on your tooth, then congrats!!!!! You found yourself a strand of real pearls! Stay tuned for more helpful hints and tips from me!

Happy Cleaning!!!