Reality Check

Why are you so fat?
Why are you so thin?
Why are you so mean?
Why are you so nice?
Why did you leave the show?
Why, Why, Why? 

Why did I post a picture on social media Saturday night and get verbally attacked about looking old? I now sit back and actually giggle. Did you ever think that maybe the flight that I was on had bad lighting, or maybe that I could be tired? Why do people think it is ok to send emails about the way someone looks just because they were on television? Bad hair day? Bad makeup day? Everyone, I’m cool with it! You should see me four out of seven days… I don’t wear makeup. YES, bare skin! Could you imagine if I posted pictures those days? I’m a mom, wife, friend, hardworking, kick ass girl and if you expect me to not age, gain weight, lose weight and not look tired once and a while, then you need your own dose of REALITY!


Ashley Gold