25 Things You Don't Know!

You all knew me as this girl from Hardcore Pawn. I've transformed my life from a pawnbroker to a reality star and now doing what I absolutely love… designing jewelry at AshleyGold.com. You used to see me on your TV screens and judge me by 27 minutes. 

There are many things that you don't know about me however. You know that I'm a wife, mom, friend, sister, daughter and so on. But, do you know where I like to shop, what I eat, what sport I played in school? 

1. I hate to fail
2. I was on the varsity cheer team in high school
3. I could spend hours at Target
4. Love Maybelline mascara
5. Hate wearing heels
6. Always wear some sort of blue nail polish (Essie)
7. Love to cook
8. Hate the snow
9. Arizona is my dream place to live
10. Went to Michigan State for college
11. Didn't eat red meat for almost three years
12. About to run my second half-marathon
13. Run in Brooks shoes
14. Wear Havianas daily
15. Have 4 tattoos (want another)
16. Eat Pure Protein bars every morning
17. Dislike peas
18. Love avocados
19. I snow ski but hate the snow
20. Pool over the beach
21. Always wear earrings
22. Have tons of lipgloss in my purse
23. Love swimming
24. Italian is my favorite food
25. I hate going on airplanes ✈️ 

You can't always judge a book by its cover because there is so much more to someone that just the 27 minutes you see on TV!


Ashley Gold