Fall is Soon! Get Ready!

A little bit of "rough" and a little bit of “tough." In a simple sentence, that's what I like to call it!

Let me summarize it for you. It's about chains, hoops, ear cuffs and lots of rings. We all want to see the metal this fall season. We load back on the clothing so, where there is room for jewelry, show it!


Hoop earrings are perfect for daytime and nighttime looks. Gold, sterling silver or white gold is the way to go. Be dramatic with them. It doesn't matter the size either. Your hair length also plays into sizing. My hair is short so I always go big.



We are going back to the 90's with the ear cuff. Throw on an ear cuff on your upper ear with your hair pulled behind your ear or when your hair is in a pony. This season is about showing lots of metal, remember that. Not in the mood to wear earrings for the day, throw on one ear cuff and you'll be ready to go!

I have short fingers so when it comes to wearing a lot of rings I feel funny about it. But, I've come out of my shell this summer and coming into fall is the time when we all need to come out of our shell because it's when you need to wear two on a hand. Don't be bashful at all. Throw on a couple men's rings, too! It's the "rough and tough" look!

Wear your shades. Look cool!
Grab a pair and you don't have to spend a ton either. It's about looking your best all season long.

Accessories make the outfit, remember that! Even if you’re all new to this, step out of your box and start now! It's an amazing feeling! You can take an outfit from A to Z. I promise you!