How did I let it happen?

It's a girls worst nightmare?! Weight! The scale haunts me daily and I've had a fear of it my entire life. I knew my pants were getting tighter but I didn't want to step on that god awful thing on the floor that reads those numbers. We all know what I'm talking about... the scale! Yuck! I hate that five-letter word. It's honestly been a devil on my shoulder for the past 20 years of my life. I'm a yo-yo dieter and I promised myself that I wouldn't fall into that trap. Well, I did, BUT I caught myself before the trap totally sunk me to the bottom. I can get myself out this time. It's 15 pounds. I have a goal and I know without a doubt that I can lose it. Watch me.

Shoot! How could I let this happen? I'm kicking myself in the butt! It's not bad but I fell a little. Had a little too much fun with the food. We all do it. Admit it! Parties with friends, outdoor activities and before you know it, the pounds slowly pile on. I own it and I'll get back to where I was. Piece of cake guys.

Don't let yourself fall into a hole at anytime of the year. Sure, it's okay to have fun. Gain and lose a couple pounds throughout the year, but trust me, don't ever get yourself out of control because it takes a ton of motivation and desire. I was there once and it's a bitch!


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