Wedding Bells

It's summer and you know what that means? It's wedding season!!! Proposals, wedding bands, the parties and of course... the wedding ring designs!

One of my favorite times of the year! I come up with the unique designs for my gorgeous brides and the bands for the handsome grooms. It's a surprise and their time begins!

What style, what shape, what color, how big!?! Let's get started...

Always think of the bride!
She is wearing the ring. Don't put anything on her hand that will overpower her finger. What shape does she like? All women have looked at rings before. (Yes we have!!) I love the classic style this year because you can make it dramatic with the band or add diamonds to the band of the engagement ring. The other options for this year's look is the halo. It intensifies the look of the diamond by surrounding the center stone with smaller diamonds.

Will the ring be white gold, yellow gold, platinum or silver?  Totally up to the bride and groom. Don't forget to consider skin tones, too.

And remember that you never want a ring to go "out of style."

This is something your bride will always have so make it memorable and special.


Ashley Gold