Queen of Jewelry

I try to be fairly organized, neat and super clean with everything I do. People call me a germaphobe. When it comes to jewelry though, I protect it and you should too.

I see women at the gym lifting weights with their rings on. Excuse me? What are you doing? Did you forget to leave your jewelry at home or in the locker? Are you purposely wanting to make a trip to your jeweler? Do not workout in your rings! It's a total NO NO!

Swim goggles and earrings are like oil and water. They just do not mix. Kiss one of your earrings bye-bye because one is about to fly away when you take your goggles off. Seriously. Then the rubber digs the post into your skin and it's a discomfort all around. Leave your earrings back on the beach or at the pool house.

Washing Dishes
They make these cute gloves for washing dishes and floors for a reason. WEAR THEM! Many gems are soft and they don't mix well with harsh detergents. Either wear the gloves or take off your rings. It's so simple but many people don't want to listen to me.

Watch Me Now
Now we have watch cases and watch winders that match your room or fit so neatly in drawers. That is where watches are meant to stay if you're not going out for the night. Now that it's summer, people are jumping into lakes, pools, waterfalls, sprinklers and pouring beer all over themselves and sending me emails asking what should they do about their watches. Oh well, sorry. Should have left them back at home.

Are NOT meant to hold your sunglasses or any other accessory you may think they can hold. It can ONLY hold a charm. Chains break if you're not careful.

I consider jewelry art -- and if you don't take care of your art, it can fall apart. It has value and someday, someone else may cherish it!