Selling is an Art

What do you do for a living? Are you a salesman or saleswoman? Can you actually sell? Do you have what it takes? Think about it... are you selling because it's your job or because you have it in you? Not all people can sell, trust me. I've gone to hundreds of stores and maybe 10% of people working there have caught my attention selling.

It's an art & skill.

First of all, you have to catch the attention of the customer and actually seem interested in your product.

Grab the attention of your client/ customer and draw them in. Make them aware of what they are buying.

Give them facts about the product that they don't know.

Don't just act like the "salesman" - act like the "EXPERT"

Caress the client/ customer with knowledge about the store, history, and environment of product.

Make it a "WOW" moment for the client and before you know it, the art of sale is done.


Ashley Goldsale, jewelry