Age is Just a Number

OMG. I hit 39 and it all went downhill. Hearing, sight, stomach and the list goes on. I thought this was supposed to happen at 40! Maybe it's a warning of what's to come? Or, maybe it's all happening now so that it doesn't occur at 40? Whatever it's supposed to be, it needs to seriously stop.

Have you ever felt like you're just falling apart, top to bottom, headache to ingrown toenail? Well, maybe not the ingrown toenail, but it feels like it. The past six months have been hellish. I always heard that 40 was the year from hell but I'm getting it a year early. I can't hear for crap and I wear glasses to read a menu. I even turn on my phone flashlight to read certain things. Am I 95 years old? OMG!

Happy belated 1/2 birthday to me. I'm closer to 40 than 39, so it should be getting better at this point, right??


Ashley Gold