That "AHA" Moment

When it clicks, it clicks. Whether you are 19, 39, or 89, when you have that “AHA" moment in life, it’s eye-opening. For me, It happened this past weekend.

Sitting there analyzing, staring and wondering. Thinking about life and how it takes you on twists and turns and deciding which road you're going to actually take. Do certain things really matter? Life is so short. You work so hard and stress so much and in the end, is it really all worth it?

People argue over crazy crap and in the end, life is over in the blink of an eye. Not really worth it. It was my"AHA" moment when I realized it's enough. Enough of the worrying in life that keeps me fighting for relationships that may no longer be there. You ever just say, "it's ok?" It's actually ok to have your life continue on the path you're on and to stop fighting for something that never will be.

The light went on. Life is short. Cherish everyone you have, the rest... well, it's ok, you only have space for so many.


Ashley Goldlove