Italy - (take 1)


There is a country that just knows how to do it right. Fashion, style, decor, lifestyle, food, etiquette and the list goes on and on. I had the opportunity to travel to Italy this month and was blown away yet again. Not only with the fans that watched Hardcore Pawn (Banco De Pungi) but Italy is just beyond everything you expect and more. 

Italy is fashion to the max! I seriously don't think I saw an ugly or overweight person walking down the street in any city that I visited. Everyone is put together whether it's 8am or 8pm.  

The Italians know how to do "lifestyle." Everything closes after lunch. They relax. It's about enjoying life but still taking a break. Literally the cities shut down. It's ok, it's all about balance and their quality of life.  It just means that they work harder at a different part of their day.

Restaurants don't rush you out the door for the next patron to get to the table. Italians want a two-three hour meal with friends. The portions at each meal are minimal so you're not so stuffed that you feel sick. And every meal isn't served with a bread basket -- even in Italy. 

The scenery is immaculate and you will hardly see any garbage on the ground in the cities. The Italians have great respect for their country and as a tourist I cannot wait to travel to Italy again! 

While America is fast paced where we over-indulge in food and there are no boundaries. The Europeans have it right; take a siesta and enjoy the scenery. Work will still be there after lunch.