I Still Have It In Me

They say you can take girl out of the pawn shop but you can never take the deal maker out of the girl. In other words,I still got it! I've made deals my entire life. Just because I don't work the pawnshop doesn't mean that I can't negotiate. It's still me. It's still in my bones and it's what I was brought up to do. Why pay more than you need to? It's an art and skill and I love it. Everyone has this skill. It's all about how far you want to take it and how well you can actually negotiate. People don't want to lose a deal...ever.  You can negotiate anywhere in the world over any item. Trust me. Don't be afraid to try it once in a while.

This past week I was buying an item and dealing with a store owner negotiating over a price and he said that he was scared to deal with my negotiating. Scared? That's a positive thing a store owner should never say to a customer. I knew I had the control right there. Be focused, stay in control of the situation and know your bottom line. If you know other stores have your item that you're looking for, don't be bashful to walk away from the deal.

In life you need to stand your ground and never be afraid to walk away.


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