Italy (take 2)

Typically at 4:00 am I'm sound asleep, but because we were traveling home from Italy we were at the airport. So it was time to people watch and see what everyone was wearing.

It was one fashion statement after the next. I had thought people came to the airport wearing comfy clothes, no makeup and sporting flip-flops, but I was totally wrong. In Italy, 4:00 am at the airport is the time to shine. I'm talking about makeup, heels, designer clothing and fashion to the next level. If you ever want to people watch, the airport in Italy is the place to be. It was a fashion show runway. I should have brought my jewelry and draped it over the travelers. The espresso was flowing and the danishes were stuffed with Nutella. Not the usual scene of what I was expecting at 4:00 am on the day I was traveling 20 hours — it sure did make my layover go by quickly! 


Ashley Gold