It doesn't get easier

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It doesn't get easier.

This week was my Grandma's birthday but she wasn't here to celebrate with us. The past 13 years she hasn't been here. It never gets easier. It pulls at my heart each each birthday since her death.

My Papa's death was more recent so maybe that's why I focus more on him in my blogs. She was the queen of the family and the one who had the sparkle in her eye. The one I would call to say "good morning" on a beautiful day.  I'll never forget the holiday smell of their home or the laughter that surrounded all of us. It was about family. The most important symbol of our life.

I always ask myself, "why did they have to go?" They were the glue. They made it work. Would things be different if they were still with us? Life works in the craziest ways and I never know the reasons.

I'm fortunate for all the time I had with the wonderful lady that I called “grandma" and after 13 years, it's still sucks.


Ashley Gold