Fall Trends and Fads

Listen up ladies! 

The fall season is upon us and that means NEW trends and NEW fads. Many are great, but some need to go. Here is my take on each!

Stripes are HOT
Women love stripes. Dress, skirts and tops. I actually don't. I think they make me look huge. Horizontal especially. You'll never find a horizontal stripe in my closet unless they are on my socks but if YOU want to follow the hot trend this fall run and grab a bright striped sweater. You'll be styling it right. 

Garden Party
Just because summer is over, doesn't mean that the flowers need to disappear. Stay in bloom! Wear your flowers on your sleeves or on a flowing dress. Be feminine!

Bring on the ruffles. The more ruffles the better. Everyone basically wants to see your clothes bounce when you walk. Stay with this trend because it's not going anywhere. 

HOT HOT HOT! Dresses, jackets, tops, pants. You name it, you wear it. Find camo and buy it. Enough said. 

They are effortless and match well with everything. Throw a pair on and see for yourself. Dress up or down an outfit instantly. 

The Mule
This trend started in 2016 and it isn’t leaving anytime soon. Easy shoe to take on and off. Colors come in every shade of the rainbow and most fabrics, too. 

Hand bracelets, punk and 90’s. Mix and match your jewelry. You will never go wrong. 


Ashley Gold