My Top 10 Must Haves For Fall

My Top 10 Must Haves For Fall

The Pant
When it comes to being comfortable and sucking it all in, I turn to Lululemon. I go for the high rise, second skin. It literally feels like I'm wearing nothing. For fall, it's perfect for the gym or going out at night. I can wear my over the knee boots or throw on a pair of mules. They go with everything. I can dress them up or down.

The Shoe
I have fallen in love with the MULE. I mentioned in my last blog that they come in every color, skin and style. But the ones that fit my feet best are from Steve Madden. They are priced, just right and you can find them everywhere.

The Tee Shirt
I'm really picky when it comes to buying a tee shirt. I'm not a simple white tee shirt kinda girl. I have a vibe that goes with me. I like words on my shirts. Chaser Brand is one of my favorites right now but if you like simple and plain I would highly recommend Majestic. The fabric is fabulous and soft!

The Sweatshirt
Whether it's a hoodie, zip up or a regular sweatshirt, they will all take you a long way this fall and winter season. Have fun with them! Don't be plain Jane. Find them with quotes and sayings. Rev up your sweatshirt game and let style have some purpose.

The Lip
Lipgloss all the way. I only wear gloss. Find a color that works well for your skin tones. Nudes work great for me because I have olive skin. What works best for you?

The Eye Makeup
Watch some tutorials and don't over do it! If you're not an eye makeup person, throw on some mascara. Maybelline is amazing!

The Jacket
The North Face! Nothing more to say. So many options. Pick one and you'll be set!

The Watch
Detroit made... Shinola!

The Glasses
I love my EyeBobs! Pick your strength, pick your color, pick your frame and they are delivered to your door. I like easy. They are also offered at amazing prices.

The Water Bottle
I cannot go anywhere without my Bubba water bottle. Target carries them. They fit in your car’s cup holder, have a huge straw and hold 24oz. of water. I go through at least three bottles a day. Everyone needs one!


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