Turn A Dream Into Reality

Am I really almost 40?! 
Yes, it’s almost my birthday and I’m reflecting on the past year. This year was one for the books! 

PawnChickShopping.com rebranded to AshleyGold.com, I exhibited at over 35 events, pop-up shop in downtown Detroit, traveling to NYC for Accessorie Circuit and attending Vegas Stitch. Not to mention that I was diagnosed with Colitis and was hospitalized for kidney stones. Holy crap, it’s been quite the year! 

If you were to have asked me what I would be doing at 40 years old, I honestly can say that I never thought this is where I would end up. 

Reality star turned jewelry designer? Never in my life did I believe I would be on all these adventures. The ride is actually just starting. Did I truly think that people would like my designs or even buy them? Truthfully, no! I always doubt myself and maybe it’s a good thing. It pushes me to keep on going. In life, you must have a goal.

The next adventure is showing my jewelry in NYC. This isn’t a super small show or even a boutique show like I usually do. This is big time! Thousands and thousands of people are coming to see Accessorie Circuit! And... my jewelry is going to be there. A dream come true! I always say that hard work pays off and holy moly it has. I don’t think that I have ever worked so hard in my entire 40 Years. Persistence is worth it and so are the doubts in my mind.  

Here’s to 2018. Lots in store for Ashley Gold. Hold on because the ride is about to take off! Stay tuned... more coming!