Be The Best You Can Be

Do you have a goal? A realistic goal, of course. 

I've actually had several through my almost 41 years. You know, the usual... get good grades, graduate, get a degree, so on and so forth. Blah blah blah. But, do you actually have a goal? What is your end game in life?

Think about it. 

Real quick story... my husband and I were out for dinner last week and met a gentleman from the suburbs of Detroit. Well dressed, intelligent, married, kids and successful. He began to tell us that he grew up in the city. As in Detroit. His mom and dad became separated at a very young age, he didn’t graduate from high school and many of his friends that he grew up with never made anything of themselves. So, the question is... why him? 

He had a GOAL!

He wanted his life to be different. He knew he wanted his life to be different than what he grew up from. This grown man (mid 40’s) didn’t want his kids to have the same life that he could of had. We all have choices in life and his choice was choosing a different route with a goal of success and determination. If you dig deep, everyone has it. You have to decide which goals are important to you and which goals you want to achieve. 

Hoping that I have more than 50 years left, my goals are achievable. Be the best I can be. You’re only here for a certain amount of time. Make the best of it, be happy and never miss a beat. 


Jordan Broad