Mixing It Up This Fall!

Everybody loves to get the biggest bang for a buck. It doesn’t matter what realm of life you are saving in, it’s exciting when it feels like you’ve gotten more than you paid for! My personal favorite type of savings is on jewelry. When I can wear one item two or more different ways, it makes me feel like I have gotten something for free!

Being set with a perfect outfit but not a perfect fit for accessories is what makes me turn to transitional jewelry. A necklace that can be worn long or short, with or without a pendant or even worn as a bracelet on the right occasion makes life and styling for life, so much easier! It’s so exciting to choose how to wear it and it never feels like I’m repeating an outfit!

The necklace above is one of my wardrobe staples. This necklace can be worn three ways!! Long with the starburst pendant makes a great statement for a simple outfit! My favorite is to wear this long necklace with a pair of skinny black pants and a simple solid color (usually white) shirt; it’s a perfect addition to a date night ensemble. It can also be worn short, which looks great with a scoop or v-neck dress. The starburst still adds a lot of pizazz to an outfit but the statement is a bit more elegant. Finally, this piece can be worn short, without the pendant. This third version is the most relaxed and easy going. It’s great for an everyday jean and t-shirt look. This piece looks great on everyone and because of its versatility, it’s a great buy!

My other favorite transitional item is this awesome necklace / bracelet combination. One item, worn two ways that looks completely different. As a necklace, this is worn choker style, with three stones across the bottom of your neck and fun tassels hanging down your back. [You can also choose to bring the tassels around and tie in front, giving you a third look!] As a bracelet, this three stone piece gives you the stacked look without actually adding any other bracelets! Talk about a great value for two totally different styling options!

There is nothing better than great style at a great value! For more versatile and transitional pieces take a look at the links below.

I cannot tell you how much I love a deal, and this jewelry is a DEAL! Happy Accessorizing!


Pawn Chick

Ashley Gold