Trump vs. Clinton (in Fashion)

It’s what everyone is talking about, SNL is making jokes about and the internet won’t stop producing memes about: the Presidential Debate last week. Whatever side you stand on, there are jokes being made that will make you laugh and real fashion crimes that both candidates committed that cannot be overlooked!

Let’s start with Trump. If you choose to ignore the wacky hair and orange skin that he is so well known for, you will see a simply dressed man that didn’t take advantage of a formal, very public forum to look his best. While he was wearing cufflinks, they weren’t any kind of a statement. He could have gone big with initials, or american flags or even a solid colored stone… but he didn’t. I also found it odd that he was wearing the democratic blue colored tie with his ill fitting suit, he should have stuck with his usual red. I’m not sure who dresses presidential candidates but if you ask me, the opportunity for a sharper image was missed.

Now, let’s chat about Clinton… oh Hillary. I’m just not sure where to start. I know the woman is 100% sold on pant suits and all power to her, but this debate’s particular suit was not a wise choice. The woman took “matchy matchy” to a whole new level with her red on red (again opposite her party’s color). First off, there were major fit issues and all I can encourage any woman to do is to always check the view from the back before buying. There is nothing worse than a lower butt pant crimp; it just makes it look like the wearer doesn’t properly fill out the clothes in question. Secondly, she chose to accessorize with jewelry that she hid with her high neckline and (almost too long) sleeves. There is almost no point to putting the pieces on if they are merely going to be hidden. I would have recommended a longer necklace to put over her flat front suit and earrings that looked like more than square gold clip-ons. Lastly, she chose the shortest kitten heels I’ve ever seen. She would have looked more comfortable in fashionable flats instead of trying to wear a heel. Her stylist needs to take proportions into consideration next time!

These candidates obviously have more pressing matters on their shoulders than fashion, but I truly believe that a well dressed presentation makes what you are saying all the more powerful and believable. Next time a debate or public event comes around, I wish they would call me!

Happy accessorizing and don’t forget to check the rear view!


Pawn Chick