Your Personal Fashion Week 2016

Would you know how to accessorize a simple outfit? If you already do, then you know one of the best tricks out there for easy and comfortable fashion. If you don’t, just stick with me and I’ll help you make some simple style choices that will change a standard outfit into a fashion statement.

This is one of my favorite, everyday outfits for running errands, picking up the kids, grabbing lunch with someone or going to an appointment. It’s easy, fast and comfortable which are necessary qualities on my whirlwind days. As most people do, I love my staple wardrobe since it fits like a glove and makes me feel great without even trying. Once I’m dressed and comfortable I look to my accessories to give me an extra boost.

New York Fashion Week 2016 was all about chokers and long drop earrings; simple accessories that were a part of everyday and high fashion lines alike. Why not combine a runway trend with an everyday outfit?

The choker below is one of my favorites because it can be worn so many ways and that is such a plus on a simple white tank. You can leave cords hanging down your neck (which looks great with short hair or a pony) or you can wrap them one more time giving you a more substantial choker effect. Either way this necklace will not only make you look amazing during your busy day, it will make you feel a little more put together too!

Long drop earrings are a long-time favorite of mine and I loved seeing them on model after model this year during Fashion Week. Thankfully, you don’t have to rock the runway to rock these statement pieces. Drop earrings take an everyday look and immediately elevate it! These feather threaders are one of my top picks; I love how they stand out in their simplicity. Because they hang from the front and the back you get the effect of two pairs while only wearing one.

I also have a small stockpile of stackable bracelets that I love to layer depending on my mood. Some days I wear them individually and sometimes I mix and match. It’s easy to throw on an accessory that gives a simple outfit some arm candy. Leather wrap bracelets and beaded stretch bracelets are some of my favorites that I wear daily.

All of the above paired with a simple bangle clutch and you are ready to conquer the day! Don’t be afraid to mix metals and textures, it just adds depth and interest to your personal fashion.

Happy Accessorizing!

Pawn Chick

Ashley Gold