Episode 12: Jenny Moore

Do you have rings that are too big or too heavy to stay put?  Do you have earrings that are too hefty for your ears, or earrings that droop and fall forward? 

Jenny Moore is the inventor of BlingGuards.  As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.  Jenny found herself with a lavish engagement ring that just would not stay put on her finger.  It kept falling to the side, and she didn’t want to have to add small ball bearings to help keep the ring centered.  She began brainstorming a way to keep her ring straight – and then tragedy struck when her grandmother lost her wedding ring because the band was too big.  Suddenly, Jenny was doubly determined to create a solution that would keep rings centered and stationary on the finger without having to add anything or resize the ring.

In today’s episode of Pawn Chick Radio, Jenny tells all about her incredible entrepreneurial journey!

Ashley Gold