Episode 41: Mikal Vega

Mikal Vega is a retired Navy SEAL, a 22-year combat veteran and a Screen Actors Guild (SAG/AFTRA) actor and philanthropist. He has personally walked the tough road from trauma to recovery after suffering a combat-related injury from an exploded IED that went untreated for many years. Mikal only realized the extent of his injuries year later when he struggled in his daily life and in his personal relationships as a result of both physical injury and a disconnection from purpose.

Through a series of healing modalities that became the basis of his recovery, Mikal realized he could help his fellow veterans and their families with this unique system of recovery. He uses his career successes to promote VitalWarrior.org, a non-profit he founded that utilizes his proven system of stress mitigation that facilitates hormonal modulation through non-pharmaceutical methodologies helping veterans and their families recover from wartime trauma.

Mikal’s newest movie, Navy Seals vs. Zombies, was just released this October.

Ashley Gold